The next workshop will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2015. A special price available for the members of creative / film industry organisations.


only $195


Stress Less, Achieve More

Are you in a position where you constantly need to come up with new ideas and solutions – be it for business, innovation, creative work or marketing & advertising?

According to research, being ‘in the flow’ can make you up to 700% more creative – highly productive and able to come up with new ideas, effortlessly.

Drawing from Brain Science, Mindfulness and Idea Generation techniques, Maximise Your Creative Flow workshop will help you access the extensive creative and problem solving abilities of your own brain.

Learn to master your most valuable tool – the Brain

Our Videos on Creativity & Mindfulness

Facilitators of Maximise Your Creative Flow workshop, Writer / Ideation Coach Kathryn Burnett & Clinical Psychologist Chantal Hofstee, discuss rewiring your brain to get more / better ideas.


Our Articles on Creativity & Mindfulness

Creativity myths

Creativity Myths Busted

Not born creative? Waiting for inspiration? Kathryn Burnett reveals the 4 common creativity myths you need to show the door.

R E A D   M O R E

4 common Mindfulness myths

What is Mindfulness?

It’s not Buddhism. It doesn’t involve yoga positions. Chantal Hofstee explains what Mindfulness is and isn’t.

R E A D   M O R E

5 simple ways to boost your creativity

5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Want to feel better about daydreaming? It’s actually great for your creative mind. Kathryn Burnett lists 5 simple ways to boost your creativity.

R E A D   M O R E


kathryn burnett

Ideation Workshop Facilitator

Kathryn Burnett

Kathryn Burnett is an award-winning screenwriter, dynamic workshop facilitator, script consultant and playwright. She designed her Ideation Training Workshops in 2011 to help people be their creative best and has been creatively reinvigorating people ever since.

Visit Kathryn’s website at

Clinical Psychologist Chantal Hofstee

Clinical Psychologist

Chantal Hofstee

Chantal Hofstee is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in practical Mindfulness training. Chantal draws on her knowledge of the brain and Psychology to help you induce the ideal brain state for focus and creativity. Her teaching will leave you feeling well equipped to increase your level of creative flow whenever you need it.

Visit Chantal’s website at

Perfect for Business Owners, Writers, Designers, Marketers, Copywriters, Filmmakers... anyone whose livelihood depends on solving problems and generating new ideas.


All sessions
A workbook
Tea / coffee / nibbles
Access to our Online VIP Page for further support / resources


The next workshop programme TBA. Here’s how the latest one unfolded:

09.30 Welcome
10.00 Session 1 – Insight into the brain.
11.00 Morning tea
11.30 Session 2 – New Ideas Fast.
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Session 3 – Overcome blockages to Flow
14.30 Afternoon tea
15.00 Session 4 – Brainstorm Bootcamp
16.00 Sharing ideas / Q & A / Feedback
16.30 Finish

On-Going Support

Making permanent changes in the weekly / daily routines is not easy. To maximise the effects of the workshop, we’ve created a password protected ‘VIP Page’, where you can find extra resources and share experiences with other participants.


St Columba Centre
40 Vermont Street
Ponsonby, Auckland




The next workshop will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2015. A special price available for the members of creative / film industry organisations.


only $195


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